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Ultra Fruited Sour.

Invert can a few times before opening to resuspend the fruits!

Helix is a proper fruit fix for those who wants their fruit beers thick, fresh and tart. The base of the beer is a berliner weisse with rich complexity from a range of lactic acid bacteria used in the souring process, balanced with a little lactose for both sweetness and mouthfeel. After the primary fermentation we add the best fruits and dark berries we can source (and a lot of it) to the fermenter for a second fermentation, followed by a conditioning period and the hardest and messiest canning run we ever do.

The beer pours thick with beautiful deep purple color. The flavor and aroma of Helix is mostly dominated by blackcurrant, blueberries and blackberries with background complexity from a range of other fruits and berries. Like the fruits and berries used to make this beer, the beer is refreshingly tart and authentic in both aroma and flavor. We hope you enjoy!

The helix / screw and doodles on the label is hand drawn by our skilled art maestro Steini. But this is still Salikatt, so off course he works daily on his squeegee skills when not wrecking the brewery with the forklift!