Moersleutel – Uranus



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Beschrijving van de brouwerij:

So, our anniversary set is not complete without an homage to the coolest planet out there – literally. Uranus! We figured a thick, deluxe barrel-aged beer would be just the thing to do it justice.

Starting off with a base beer that’s like diving into a pool of milk chocolate, caramel, and juicy red fruits.
Aging for 14 months in Cognac barrels infused it with notes of molasses and smooth pear tones.
Another 12 months in Bourbon barrels added vanilla and oak undertones, completing its complex profile.

Even though we’ve had our fair share of laughs about the name, this beer is no joke. In fact, it may be a secret hint to our all-time best rated beer…

So take it easy as each sip takes you on a cosmic ride, exploring its depths with anticipation.
Here’s to Uranus – and cheers to many more adventures.