Equilibrium Brewery – Double Citra Daydream (Equilibrium Freaky Friday) (Other Half collab)


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We brewed their HDHC Double Citra Daydream with OH’s High Density Hop Charge process using a big base of wheats and oats with multiple types of Citra in both the whirlpool and dry hop. Double Citra Daydream is up there with some of our biggest dry-hopped beers, and to meet Daydream criteria, we finished things off with a touch of lactose.

HDHC Double Citra Daydream pours an opaque and vivid yellow and has very strong aromas of alphonso mango and assorted tropical fruit. The flavor is explosive, with notes of mango juice, pulpy OJ, pineapple nectar, deeeeeeeep papaya, lime gummy candy, dank green grass, and a big pop of rainbow melon. This beer is chewy with Other Half’s aggressive hoppy character that’s balanced with our #EQjuice, making a daydream out of each sip.