Bottle Logic Brewing – Red Eye November (2023)


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Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Rye Stout with Mostra Coffee • 15.3% ABV • We’re thrilled to announce the release of the sixth bottled batch of our legendary RedEye November, a Stasis Project variant that features an exclusive blend of coffee beans masterfully roasted by our friends at Mostra Coffee.

Coffee-rich aromas of Mostra’s Kenya Ichamama (red currant, tangerine, cedar) and Philippine Heritage (chocolate, baking spices) take the spotlight, but the base beer supports these award-winning beans with its own legendary layers of molasses, burnt sugar, spicy rye, and oak. Moderately sweet with a lingering coffee-toned bitterness. Medium-bodied with a noticeable ABV burn that trails off with a wisp of rye spice.