3 Fonteinen – Oude Geuze (season 20|21) Blend No. 44


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bottling date: 13/04/21

Technically an Oude Geuze, while more than 90% of the blend is 3 Fonteinen. We took a small portion of a non-bottle-fermented Golden Blend (season 19|20 No.° 40) and blended with 15-month and 49-month oude lambikken. In total, the lambikken were sourced from seven different barrels and twelve different brews. This way, the weighted average age of this Oude Geuze upon bottling passed the 22-month mark.

About half of the blend consists of lambik that was brewed during the Longest Night of 2019, and which was cooled with sherry barrel staves in the coolship. #yolo

NL 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze is een assemblage van lambikken van één, twee en minstens drie jaar oud. Spontaan vergist. Gerijpt op eiken vaten. Lange bewaring op fles. Ongefilterd. Ongepasteuriseerd.