The Kernel Brewery – Imperial Brown Stout London 1856 (2023)


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9.0-10.0% abv. Malted barley. Another recipe from the Barclay Perkins archive, from 1856. The Imperial Brown Stouts developed into what became known as the Russian Imperial Stouts, and this particular recipe developed into the Courage RIS, which is most notable because a) it was an excellent beer, and b) it continued to be produced until 1992, as the only surviving link to a certain brewing tradition that was huge in London, and made London famous, for over 200 years. And of course, a tradition which has now been lost. And the beer is black, not brown. Dark black. And round and smooth. Gentle. Coffee and cocoa aroma, then leading to dark fruits, dried fruits, raisin, fig, prune. Even plum. Some sour berries. Through the long finish of hop bitterness entwined with roast and char.