Moersleutel – Constrictor (Ophiussa collab)


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We left a glass of beer and a bowl of nuts for Santa Claus. But he never came. Instead, we were surprised by a visit from our Ophiussa friends. Like the tradition tells, they brought wine, after all, that’s what the Portuguese spend on. While enjoying the fine wine, we discussed how IPAs and white wines overlap. The wine industry uses specific yeasts for intense fruity profiles and we we’re eager to learn more & explore ourselves. For this beer we paired delicate Australian hops with continental Saaz for a floral profile. The full potential of the hops selection gets unlocked using a yeast known to produce tropical fruit aromatics. When combined with a New England IPA yeast strain it transforms the beer into a fruitbowl with a creamy mouthfeel. Best served at a temperature of 8°C.