Horizont – Night Shift Vintage 2022 Imperial Pecan Pie Stout Aged In Tennessee Whiskey Barrels



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Each year in the Horizont Night Shift line, we present to you a new pastry stout. The 2022 version is an expression of an American classic dessert, the pecan pie. The Pecan pie dates back to the 1880’s and is very popular in the Southern States where bourbon whiskey is made, so it was a natural fit to age this beer in Tennessee whiskey barrels. The distillery from which the barrels came emphasizes considerably more vanilla essence which is perfect for this brew. The base beer is an Imperial Stout which is a thick, full-bodied beer which was put into the barrels then we added copious amounts of home-roasted pecans, thus extracting the flavors from it. Enjoy this special beer!