Folkingebrew – Moving Mountains



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The expression “to move mountains” is a metaphor that means to go to the extreme, to spend a lot of effort, time and resources, to do everything possible to achieve a certain goal. That’s where we stand when it comes to building our own brewery!

When creating this very tropical New England Style DIPA (8.3%) we used a big load of Sabro in both Incognito and T90 variants. As an aroma hop, Sabro is distinguished by very clear aromas of mandarin, coconut, tropical fruit and stone fruit. To support the tropical Sabro, we used good old Citra and Cryo Pop during the double dry hop. Cryo Pop is a blend of various hops, which together provide synergy between the different hops used.

For the malt base, we used low color Golden Promise, pilsner malt and a lot of oats, for that silky smooth mouthfeel we like in our hazy IPAs. This time, we used a new yeast for us: WHC’s Fruit Bowl. That is a blend of different yeast strains suitable for hazy IPAs, due to their ability to produce a complex fruit ester profile. That goes very well with the different hops used.


Style: New England DIPA

ABV: 8.3%

Hops: Sabro, Citra, Cryo Pop

Malts: Golden Promise, pilsner, oats

Yeast: WHC Fruit Bowl