Factory Brewing – Unspoken (Blend #1)


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Imperial Stout aged in Rye Whiskey barrels for 12 months.

“Unspoken is our non-adjunct BA Stout series. This was actually the very first brew of Factory Brewing. Three days straight, each day 15 hours of work. So this beer took a lot of work and a lot of waiting. But after 12 months in Rye Whiskey barrels, blend #1 is finally here! It consists of two barrels I found giving the most oak and whiskey character. I find notes of caramel, chocolate, and mild archipelago bread and dark fruit. Vanilla, cinnamon, clove and a big punch of whiskey! Please store cold and drink fresh! Optimal serving temperature is around 15°C.”

-Head Brewer Jirka Ordén