Equilibrium Brewery – What’s Past Is Present- Batch 2


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What’s Past Is Present stands for the idea that history sets the context for the present. We rebrewed this spin on one of our first collabs brewed in Meadville with @voodoobrewery.
With a fluffy oat and wheat base, we used Citra Incognito, and our hand selected Citra and Nelson T90’s for the whirlpool with an incredibly big dry-hop of Nelson and Victorian Galaxy. Pouring vivid yellow, aromas of groove stand OJ and limeade morph into flavors of overripe papaya, pineapple and gooseberry, leading into Pinot Gris grapes and a touch fresh cut grass with a pointed and saturated hop bitterness. The beer is thick and pulpy with a beautiful rainbow melon #EQJuice finish.