Browar Kormoran – Podroze Kormorana Witbier


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Witbier is a beer with a pleasant, light, grainy aroma with clearly marked aromas of herbs – especially coriander and orange peel. Despite their intensity, the aromas blend well. The beer is pale yellow and cloudy due to the use of unmalted wheat. Opalescent in the glass, it gives the impression of actually white (its name bierre blanche means white beer). The witbier foam is white, creamy and long-lasting. The taste of the beer is grainy, pleasantly sour, with a distinct sweetness accentuated by citrus peel and coriander. You can immediately feel that this beer belongs to the wheat beer family, although the herbal and citrus note adds a bit of exoticism. All this well-balanced creates the taste of summer. Hop bitterness similar to Hefeweizen should not affect the refreshing aromas of fruit and spices, nor should it linger. The beer is quite carbonated, which, combined with its character, makes it very refreshing. Despite its lightness, it is rich, but not sticky.