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We have been dying to tell you this for a long while and now finally we’re allowed to break the news: Amager Bryghus is going into space! With further explorations of human settlements on the moon – or even Mars – it goes without saying that investigation into beer brewing in space must be carried out in a not too distant future. Because humans need beer – wherever we go. In a scientific experiment to investigate the challenges to beer ingredients and beer brewing in space, Amager Bryghus and Cervecera Península from Madrid have been picked in a joint EU project. As a result, our brewer Mariana Schneider and Peninsula brewer Roman Jove will be deployed to Houston, Texas, early next year to undergo basic astronaut training. Six months later they will travel to the International Space Station with an interim brew kit and the task to recreate this very beer ‘Space Hops’ – in space. We considered doing a popular Hazy IPA, but ruled it out as the hazy stuff has proved extremely fragile to rougher conditions. That’s why we ended up picking the sturdier West Coast IPA. We hope you like Space Hops in the earth version, and we’re extremely excited to soon be able to serve you the same beer in a space version. PS If you’re worried about Amager’s beer production while Mariana is out in space, then fear not. Brewery dog Kilo Snoutsypants is currently undergoing brewer training and will take over in full from Mariana.